Music Videos

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Creative 3D Films has several music video packages to suit different needs & budgets.
All of our music videos are shot in a full high resolution format and can be delivered to you via USB or DVD ready for online distribution.
We are always willing to sit down with you to discuss your requirements and customize a quote for your specific needs.

Creative Music Videos

video production creative music video

We are available to help you plan that creative music video. From pre-production right through to shooting, editing and final output.

Location Performance and Narrative

music video australia creative 3d films

We can shoot your music video in a venue, studio or other environment to suit your style and budget.
We’ll also incorporate narrative elements and work with you to produce your creative video.

Music Video in a Day

24 hour music video production service

When you’re on a shoe-string budget, we can still work with you to produce a high-quality music video.
Shot run-and-gun style locally around the Gold Coast & Tweed areas. We can shoot and edit your video in a “super fast” 24hrs.

We are here to help – contact us

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