Motion Graphics

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Creative 3D Films has experience in creating professional, advanced motion graphics and effects for all kinds of video productions.

The right motion graphics can completely transform and enhance your video, giving it that extra professional touch. From simple opening credits to more complex 3D animations, there’s a host of creative options when it comes to motion design,
Creative 3D Films can work with you to help decide which is the best option for your video production.

Motion Graphics in Video

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Motion graphics are essentially any kind of graphics that move when on screen. Motion graphics can be as simple as text on the screen, or can be much more complex, such as character animation or 3D animation, CGI effects and explosions.

Special video effects can be used for a whole range of different purposes, and almost any video can benefit from their use. The use of motion graphics is a great way to convey facts and information to your audience in an easy-to-understand way. Instead of having your actor or voice over try to explain complicated concepts, facts or figures verbally, you can choose instead to have these facts displayed visually in a compelling and easy-to-read way, such as in an animated infographic. Graphics of this kind are perfect for internal videos, as well as corporate videos which summarise what your brand or company is all about.

You can also use an entirely animated video on your website to explain your unique product or service, and encourage users to sign up or make a purchase.

Motion Graphics on the Gold Coast, Australia

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Based on the Gold Coast, Creative 3D Films uses only the most advanced tools and software when creating unique, custom-designed motion graphics for clients. Our designer will work with you closely to determine the kind of motion graphics that will best enhance your video concept, whether you’re creating a commercial, corporate video, recruitment video, or a promotional video for your website.

Take a look at just some of the motion graphics services we offer:

motion graphic video production services

1. Opening or closing credits and sequences – Clean, simply-designed opening and closing credits, or more complex sequences involving both text and images.
2. Logo animations – Give your company logo a boost by seeing it come to life on screen. Perfect for opening and closing sequences, as well as in the bottom third of your video.
3. Fully-animated explainer videos -Tell your audience what your brand or product is really all about with eye catching motion graphics
4. Text and image overlay – Perfect for a name, job title or logo where another image or text appears in the corner of the screen during a scene
5. Green screen compositing – We can add in the images and special effects to any footage shot on a green screen
6. Animated infographics, charts and graphs – Easily convey complex data in simplified form
7. Animated maps – Show off your company’s different locations with a beautiful animated map
8. CGI effects (explosions, fires, lightning or weather, etc.) – we can create advanced and impressive CGI effects for commercials, web series and other videos which require that extra cinematic look.

We normally avoid using motion graphics just for the sake of having them, and will always consider how exactly any special effects will directly benefit your video and enhance audience engagement with your brand. Our editor and animator can create both 2D and 3D motion graphic sequences which will truly leave a lasting impression on your audience.

For more information about motion graphics services that can take your video to the next level, contact Creative 3D Films today.