Documentary Videos

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Beautifully shot documentary video interviews are vital to your film’s success.

A documentary is any non-fiction video or film that informs viewers about a real-life topic, person, event, or issue. Some documentary films provide us with educational information about things that aren’t well-known. Others tell detailed stories about important people and/or events. Still others try to persuade the audience to agree with a certain viewpoint. Whatever subject you choose, filming a documentary can be a serious undertaking.

How do i start planning for a Documentary Video Project?

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1. Choose a worthy topic.

2. Find a topic you are interested in that will also be engaging and enlightening for your audience.

Here are just a few types of people needed for a documentary shoot.


Lighting rigger




Actors (for scripted sequences/recreations)

Audio recorders/editor

Technical consultant

It’s entirely possible for one person to research, plan, shoot, and edit a documentary by his or herself, especially if the documentary’s scope is relatively small or intimate. However, many may find this “one person with mobile phone camera” approach to be exceedingly difficult and usually results in amateurish, unpolished & very poorly shot video production. Consider hiring Creative 3D Films for your documentary, especially if you’re tackling an ambitious topic or you want your film to have a polished, professional high quality finish.

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